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Today I will review the TT4860 48″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf and in this post you will find all the essential information which I believe can help you decide if this Golf turf is really for you.

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A Quick Overview About The TT4860 48″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf


TT4860 48 X 60 Monster Tee Golf TurfIf you want to practice your golf swings barefooted or with your shoes on, the TT4860 Monster Tee Golf Turf by All Turf Mats might be the right solution for you. This golf mat allows you to use both rubber and wooden tees, which give you the freedom to use any club you want.

the TT4860 Monster Tee Golf Turf measures 48 inches by 60 inches and is 1.25 inches thick. It is 100 percent made from spring creased nylon which will not put a lot of stress on your body when you hit the ball and will allow you to feel the difference of a fat shot. It also has a back support that’s made from durable urethane material.

This quality golf mat resists fading and tearing and doesn’t put marks on your golf clubs. It is backed up by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and an 8-year fade warranty.


Other Important Information


Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 1.5 inches ; 23 pounds

Shipping Weight: 25 pounds



The Pros & Cons Of The TT4860 Monster Tee Golf Turf


The Pros


  • It feels really authentic. It simulates real grass surface very closely enough.
  • It is very durable. You can hit hundreds of balls a day off of it, and it wouldn’t show any visible signs of wear.
  • It is thick enough to hold tees great, although you don’t want to stick super long tees made for real grass.
  • It dries quickly under the sun and still performs well even when left out in heavy rain.
  • It only costs around a hundred dollars, but it performs similar to one of those expensive practice mats.
  • It perfectly conforms to the contours of the ground and greatly sticks to a concrete floor.
  • It has enough bounce, so it doesn’t stress your hands or body.


The Cons


  • The mat can be quite heavy.
  • The manufacturer should consider adding an outer lip around the turf to keep the edges from falling off.
  • It doesn’t have pre-punched holes.
  • Although it holds tees real well, they still fly off when you hit the ball.



The Bottom Line


In general, we recommend the TT4860 Monster Tee Golf Turf to anyone looking for a quality home practice mat at a great price tag and most consumers feel that this is better than most expensive home practice mats or driving range that they have used.

Some have problems with its heaviness, but we personally think that it’s an asset. This mat is thick enough and feels like the real thing. In addition, it appears to be very durable and it doesn’t get damaged with repeated abuse or when exposed under harsh weather elements.

Overall, If you want to improve your game whenever, wherever and eliminate mishit shots, and you are looking for something affordable but practical, the TT4860 Monster Tee Golf Turf by All Turf Mats is absolutely a great choice…


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