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Today I will review the SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System and in this post you will find all the essential information which I believe can help you decide if this popular system is really for you.

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A Quick Overview About The SwingTIP Golf Swing System


SwingTIP Golf Swing AnalysisThe SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System is an advanced system that analyzes your golf swing and sends its analysis directly to your smartphone or tablet.

It has a built-in Bluetooth motion sensor that records and analyzes the pattern of your golf swing based on 5 swing checkpoints, which are impact, address, top of swing, takeaway, and halfway through downswing. Through its mobile app, it transmits real-time analysis to your mobile gadget (iPhone 4+, iPad2+, iPod Touch 4th generation, or Android phone).

SwingTIP shows you your swing from 3 different angles: top, target and front. You also have the freedom to compare your best swing to your present swing. Not only that, it also lets you easily review your performance statistics.

And if you’re interested with a live remote coaching session with the best golf coaches coming from top-notch institutions, like the Jack Nicklaus Academy, you can sign-up for their MobiCoach service by going to their website, mobicoach.com.


Other Important Information


Dimensions: 2 x 0.5 x 1 inches ; 0.2 ounces

Shipping Weight: 7.2 pounds



The Pros & Cons Of The SwingTIP Golf Swing System


The Pros


  • SwingTIP responds and solves each customer’s concerns fast via their Customer Care email system.
  • This system will pay for itself in just a few weeks time. Considering how much you pay for a half-hour session with pro teachers, this will definitely save you more money.
  • The report card really provides useful information, which is easy to see, read and understand.
  • SwingTIP spares you from the guesswork because it tells you exactly what you need to know to improve your game.
  • The device is not a source of distraction, unless you intentionally look at it on the club shaft.
  • You still have to download the app, but setting it up and pairing it with your gadget is a simple process overall.


The Cons


  • It would be easier and more convenient if the company has a phone number to contact their technical service support department.
  • There was a concern about the durability and reliability of the wire latches.
  • The company should provide more information that addresses some important procedures, like deleting sessions/swings from the gadget.



The Bottom Line


Overall, the SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System is a really useful device to improve your game. Its software and hardware is a perfect tandem and you can get live coaching from the pros which is a big plus.

We personally really like the way its report is presented and in addition it’s not complicated to understand and clearly visible on a single screen of mobile device. Furthermore, this device gives you six types of data for your swings, which will probably blow you away of the amount of information you get in such a short time.

All in all, we personally believe that the SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System is a must have for beginners and seasoned players and with the great discounted price online this system is really a steal!


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