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Today I will review the Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net and in this post you will find all the essential information which I believe can help you decide if this golf practice net is really for you.

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The RUKK NET Pop-Up Golf Practice NetA Quick Overview About The Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

The Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net is the ideal partner for the on-the-go golfer. It has a two-layer netting system, which features a heavy-duty outside net that can replace the inside knotless net when it fails.

This has a four-ply, knotless inside net that allows consistent return of your golf ball after each shot, so you can maximize your practice time. It also features a detachable T-bar & large grommet system for easy attachment to the frame.

The Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net is designed to be setup and folded in less than 20 seconds. A 700D Oxford carrying bag made from thick canvass is provided, and this carrying bag is equipped with an oversized nylon shoulder strap, sewn in instructions, double zippers with nylon pull cords, and loops for attaching up to 3 clubs.

This practice net measures 60 by 120 by 84 inches, or 34 inches (diameter) when folded. It weighs approximately 6.4 kgs (14 lbs).

This net also includes built-in bottom pockets, spring steel frame, double-stitched net, and stakes. A golf mat has to be purchased separately.


Other Important Information


Dimensions: 60 x 120 x 84 inches ; 14 pounds

Shipping Weight: 16 pounds



The Pros & Cons Of The Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net


The Pros


  • Besides golf, you could also use this pop-up net for other sports activities, like soccer, baseball, softball, and others.
  • Rukk Net has a responsive and helpful customer service support.
  • This is really easy and fast to setup and collapse. There’s even a helpful video that’ll show you exactly how to set it up.
  • You can practice your swings in the comforts of your home, so you don’t feel pressured to hit a flawless shot every single time, unlike when practicing at a public or exclusive practice range.
  • As advertised, it captures the ball really well and returns the ball back to the golf mat. No more bending or collecting balls in a bucket.
  • The materials used and its overall construction seem to be of high-quality.
  • The replaceable inside nylon net is a great feature.


The Cons


  • The company should include an instructional video on how to untwist the steel hoop.
  • You have to buy the golf mat separately.
  • You should remember to keep a closer distance to this practice net, without allowing the club to bump with the net.



The Bottom Line


For the price and quality, the Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net won’t disappoint. The only real problem is the steel hoop, which easily twists and is difficult to untwist.

We also like how it captures (as well as returns) the ball really well. However, you do have to remember to keep close to the net (without your club colliding with the net) to avoid sending your ball out to your neighbor’s property and break something.

Overall, we highly recommend the Rukk Net Pop-Up Golf Practice Net for its easy setup and take down, durability, versatility, excellent customer service, design, and great quality materials…


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