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Today I will review the Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder and in this post you will find all the essential information which I believe can help you decide if this laser rangefinder device is really for you.

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A Quick Overview About The Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder


Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser RangefinderIf you want to get rid of your traditional methods to estimate distances and level up your game then the Bushnell Tour v3 is one product that may be very useful for you. It is the smallest and one of the best laser rangefinder devices out on the market today.

The Tour v3 JOLT Slope features a sturdy rubber protective covering that’s rain-proof and ergonomically designed for better grip. It has a standard scan mode that gives you the freedom to make a sweeping movement across the golf course while getting continuous updates about the distance between you and your target from its LCD display.

This hi-tech laser rangefinder boasts of its JOLT Technology that lets you know that you’ve locked onto the flag by shaking. The v3’s Slope Compensation Technology and PinSeeker Technology give you an accurate estimation to range flags all the way from 300 yards while adjusting swing distance (yards) depending on the degree of inclination. It has 5 to 1,000 yards ranging abilities with 1 yard accuracy.

Other features include 5-times magnification, Posi-Thread Battery Door, 3-Volt battery, first-rate carry case, two-year warranty, and distance readings (yards and meters). The Tour v3 JOLT Slope can be used legally for golf tournaments.


Other Important Information


Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches ; 6.7 ounces

Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces



The Pros & Cons Of The Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder


The Pros


  • It is a point-and-click device. It basically works right out of the box without needing to do any adjustments or set-up.
  • The construction quality is top-class and estimated to last many years of use.
  • It helps remove the guesswork out of club selection by giving you the exact yardage to the hole.
  • The Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder helps you choose your shots and boosts your confidence because it’s fully capable of reading to the flags and measures multiple objects on the golf course.
  • It works very well despite the fact that you might have unsteady hands.
  • It is more precise and works quicker than GPS system.
  • The JOLT Technology is a nice addition to this device.


The Cons


  • The battery life could be better.
  • Apparently it may be vulnerable to water breakage.
  • If the unit is broken, getting it fixed could be costly and a hassle.



The Bottom Line


Whether it’s your first time to own a laser rangefinder or not, you’ll really appreciate the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Slope. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s totally worth the investment. It gives precise distance range and it is like always having your personal caddie, who does all the yardage tracking for you.

It is true that there are a few reports about its poor battery life, but this issue doesn’t exactly overshadow its superior performance on the golf course.

All in all, I will highly recommend the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Slope to any newbie or seasoned golfers who are tired of using traditional methods, GPS devices, or smartphones…


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