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Today I will review the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder and in this post you will find all the essential information which I believe can help you decide if this golf laser rangefinder is really for you.

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A Quick Overview About The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition


Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder, WhiteThe Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder sports a sleek black-gray finishing and compact construction that’s completely waterproof and easy to grip.

The Bushnell Tour V3 is armed with a Pin Seeker Technology that accurately zeroes in on the flag from 300 yards (+/- one yard accuracy) without ever requiring you to use any prisms or reflectors. This model has a range finding performance of 10 to 1,000 yards and when it locks onto the flag, it vibrates (Jolt Vibration Technology).

As you scan across the surrounding, you will receive continuous updates on its easy-to-read LCD screen, and it also features 5 times magnification power and a 24mm objective. It is also important to note that The Bushnell Tour V3 automatically calculates the degree of incline (uphill or downhill) while fine-tuning the swing yardage.

Other features of the Tour V3 include a 3-volt battery, Posi-Thread™ battery door, yards and meters distance readings, carrying case and 2-year warranty.


Other Important Information


Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches ; 6.7 ounces

Shipping Weight: 13.6 ounces



The Pros & Cons Of The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition


The Pros


  • It finds and locks in on targets real fast and accurately, so you’ll have more confidence while playing.
  • It helps you to easily choose what clubs to use when playing.
  • Its Jolt Vibration Technology feels reassuring when it locks on a target.
  • Its ergonomic construction feels really comfortable and light in the hands without the cheap feel to it.
  • Its five times magnification power helps bring objects into easy site range.
  • Its ability to adjust yardage and calculate the difference in slope elevation is very helpful.
  • Compared to previous models, the Tour V3 is much easier to use.
  • The carrying case is sturdy and well designed.


The Cons


  • This rangefinder device is a bit pricey.
  • Some received units that didn’t work properly.
  • The manufacturer should have a better customer service support team in place.
  • It is not legal to use on tournaments.



The Bottom Line


The Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder may be expensive, but we deem that it’s worth the buy.

It gives accurate readings in just a matter of seconds and it helps you gain more confidence by choosing the right clubs. Compared to previous Bushnell Tour models, this is a lot easier to use and we also like its vibration effect and ability to calculate the differences in slope elevation.

It’s not a perfect product , however the Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is absolutely worth the investment.


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